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Whether you are moving into a smaller home, relocating into a retirement community, or transitioning into assisted living, it can be an emotional and stressful situation to leave a house that you've lived in for years — and in some cases, decades. No matter where you are moving, however, you need to figure out what to do with your old home. You don't want to let it just sit unoccupied and be a waste of space and money. Let's take a look at some of the common options of what you can do with your home when it's time to move on.

Why You Might Want to Rent Out Your House

Renting out a house seems like a great idea to many people on paper. A stream of income is very attractive, especially if you are on a fixed income these days. However, becoming a landlord isn't the best choice for everyone. Do your research and figure out if it's a realistic and favorable option for you. Remember that if you keep your home, you will still need to pay property taxes, insurance, and all the upkeep costs.

Do you still owe money on the house? If so, you might not want to hang onto it. As you age, you don't want to be paying mortgage payments on two properties. Do you have the time and energy to be the property manager? If not, then you will need to hire someone to do the work for you. The Balance indicates property managers often get 4 and 10 percent of the rental income.

Why You Should Consider Keeping It in the Family

Another option is you can keep the home, but allowing someone else in your family (or a close friend) to live in it. This is sometimes a good option, particularly if it's not a good time to sell in your geographical area. You can wait out the market, let a loved one live in it for now, and put your home up for sale at a later date. This is also a nice choice if you were planning to give the home to a relative upon your death. You can perhaps make an arrangement where they don't have to pay you any rent and you'll still pay the insurance and taxes, but they'd be responsible for any upkeep,repairs, and maintenance on the house and property.

Why Selling Your Home May Be the Right Choice

If you need cash flow, then selling may be the answer. If you have equity in your home, proceeds from the sale of the home can go toward the cost of your new residence. Also, if you are in great financial shape, you could use the money for travel or leisure. Selling the home may be tough at first, but getting rid of the home may also be a very emotionally freeing experience. Having fewer responsibilities and worries as you age can be a big plus for many people.

How to Reduce Moving Stress

Moving can make you feel stressed, sad, and out of sorts. Allow yourself to feel all those feelings, and when it's time to physically move, get a little help.

Enlist your family members to help you pack. It can be a great opportunity to reminisce about days gone by as you pack up photo albums, knickknacks, and heirlooms. For moving and transporting boxes, don't do the heavy work. Instead, call professional movers to help with the physical move. The national average cost of hiring movers is $1,081. You can hire movers to do a full-service move (including packing and unpacking), or merely transport your belongings from one house to the next. When you arrive in your new place, don't think you need to unpack everything in a day or two. Unpack the necessities and the things that mean the most to you, and then give yourself sometime to adjust to your new surroundings.

Many people move when they get older, whether it's for financial reasons,health concerns, or family factors — and every one of them experience some degree of anxiety and stress. However, with some research and help, you can make the proper decision about what to do with your old house and make your way to your new home happily and healthily.

Article written and edited by Jim Vogel

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Easy Does It: Open House Success Starts with Simple Preparations. There is a science to having a successful open house. But it doesn’t require a PhD in human psychology. While your real estate agent can help, there are a few things you can do to enhance your open house efforts. Clean top to bottom. The first thing guests of your open house will notice is whether or not the home is clean. A dirty home equals a less valuable piece of property. Your best bet is to hire a professional cleaning service to do a one-time deep clean of the home. Estimates that most homeowners can expect to spend between $100 and $200 to hire a professional cleaning service. It’s an inexpensive way to ensure your home is in its best condition. Remove pets. Your dog might be your best friend and a beloved member of your household,but your house is not a home anymore -- it is a sellable asset. 

When your home is on the market, your pets become a liability. Not only do they pose a potential threat to unexpected visitors, but also they can be distracting and can leave a lingering odor that even the most enthusiastic buyer can’t ignore.  Offer an indulgence. The human brain is wired to embrace scents that evoke a sense of comfort or pleasure. Fragrances such as citrus, vanilla, and cedar are not distracting and can be a boon to your open house, according to US News & World Report. But perhaps even more inviting is the smell of warm cookies and fresh coffee wafting through the air. Not only do these scents make your home feel comfortable, but your buyers will enjoy having a cup of Joe and a sweet treat while perusing your property. When it’s time to make an offer, they’ll have better memories of the home if they associate it with the positive feelings that go along with something as simple as coffee and a cookie.  

Trim the trees. The inside of your home may be a priority, but if the outside looks bad, your open house visitors may perceive the overall condition of the property as poor. A few days before your open house, take some time to spruce up your landscaping by trimming the trees and bushes, cleaning up the flower beds, and planting a few seasonal flowers for a pop of color that will make your home stand out. Curb appeal is essential to successfully selling your home. Better Homes & Gardens offers more easy landscaping ideas in this post. Make it inviting. While you don’t want your home to look “lived in,” you do want to look livable. Leave a few subconscious messages around the house that it’s an inviting place to relax and unwind. You might, for instance, place a few unlit candles and designer bath products in the bathroom, lay a comfortable blanket and good book out on the couch, or leave attractive place settings on your outdoor furniture to highlight the benefits of the home’s recreational areas. 

Dim down the decorations. If you’re planning an open house throughout holiday season, you’ll need to consider your holiday decor. The National Association of Realtors explains, “Tasteful decorations can be an asset to a sale…” Be careful not to overdo it and focus on less distracting color combinations, such as green and white instead of oversaturating your home with green and red. 

Let there be light. Your home’s lighting will play a role in how people perceive the property. Lots of natural light makes even small spaces seem roomy. Open the curtains and allow the natural light to do its job. The two key things to remember are that your home should be both clean and comfortable. Potential buyers should want to linger. The longer they stay, the more emotionally attached they’ll become and the better chances you will have of receiving an offer soon after you’ve closed the doors to your open house.

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A must see! This turnkey ranch will appeal to so many tastes. Kitchen with granite, tile backsplash, lighting and high-grade vinyl flooring. Living room with well-maintained hardwoods, new trim and ceiling fan. Beautiful full guest bath. Master bedroom with office or nursery has new ceiling fan, wall to wall carpeting, and master bath. Rooms have all been freshly painted, new lighting and fans throughout. Insulated 13x11 three season sunroom with views of fenced-in backyard. Roof stripped 2015. Replacement windows. Corner Lot. Title V in hand. Just minutes to 395 and Mass Pike

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