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Posted by Mary (Vigliatura) Stolarczyk on 4/16/2018


Are you thinking of selling your home? Some projects have more impact than others on resale value. Here, we’ll take a look at the best way to spend a few hundred dollars and a long weekend, and also the projects you should leave to the professionals.

Do it Yourself

Beautiful backsplash. Thanks to pre-cut tile sheets (and YouTube), you can transform the look of your kitchen by adding a colorful mosaic backsplash behind your counter. This is a simple project that anyone can do and, depending on size and tile selection, will cost around $200 and take the better part of an afternoon. The most important thing here is to measure and make sure you have enough product to complete everything in one session.

Landscaping. Not only does working in the lawn give you the opportunity to get some much-needed fresh air and exercise, your curb appeal adds significant value to your property. The vast majority of landscaping chores are simple and inexpensive DIY projects.

Kitchen cabinets. Here’s a do-it-yourself project that can really pack a punch. Outdated kitchen cabinets will look years younger with a simple coat of paint and a few pieces of modern hardware. A gallon of high-quality cabinet enamel will run you about $50. It takes two to three days to do it right but will dramatically increase the visual appeal of your interior.

Power washing. Pressure washing moss- and dirt-covered hard surfaces will instantly brighten the exterior of your home. It takes about an hour and a half to properly power wash a 50-foot walkway and another hour to seal it, if necessary. The average cost to rent a medium-duty pressure washer for a day is $71 versus $350 or more to pay someone else to do the dirty work for you.

Storage solutions. Storage space is something every homeowner wants and every home buyer seeks. Increase yours by getting creative in utilizing the design of your home to increase storage capability. A simple $32 project recommended by This Old House is to simply add a small shelf above the doorway. Do this in a few key areas to add visual interest as well as storage.

Leave it to the pros

Gutter cleaning. This task often gets overlooked but cleaning out your gutters is so important for the maintenance of your home. A cluttered gutter can encourage mold to grow, do damage to your roof and cause foundation issues, among other things. However, this is a job best left for professionals who understand ladder safety and can alert you of any potential problems with your gutter system. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for gutter and downspout cleaning in the city of Worcester is between $123 - $226.

Changing a light fixture. Did you know that the majority of home fires are due to faulty electrical wiring? A significant portion of these can be attributed to DIY wiring projects and failure to comply with codes. A licensed electrician may charge around $50 per hour to install a new light fixture or change antiquated plugs and sockets, but it’s worth it compared to the cost of losing your home and irreplaceable family heirlooms.

Installing a new toilet. Your plumbing system is more important than you may give it credit for. Not only does it wash away waste, properly installed pipes will keep moisture from building up behind your walls. Improperly installed plumbing, however, can lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot. Most big-box retailers offer toilet installation services for around $100, which is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing it’s done correctly.

Your home is an asset that you must invest in regularly in order to see the most gains. These and other simple home improvement projects can help. So get out your tools and get to work. You’ll be glad you did, especially when it’s time to sell.

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